Technology is on its peaks, more than it has ever been. In these times of technological development, it is essential for us to know the pros and cons of high-tech electronic gadgets. Gadgets like mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc. These devices have a huge impact on our day to day lives. We are attached to them in a way that we don’t even notice its effects sometimes. Indeed, this technological ascend in our lives have made things easier for us. However, with all its privileges, there are some negative things about it too. It can gradually have a harmful effect on our health, both mental and physical. Many of us spend more than eight hours of their day on screens, according to researches.    

We spend most of our time nowadays on these gadgets without knowing about the price our health is paying. Here are some of the problems that may arise due to the use of electronic devices.

Harms of gadgets

Electronic gadgets can harm you in many ways. The things we ignore mostly can have a long-lasting effect on our health. If you’re not careful while using it can cause many mental and physical health issues.

Physical health

Have you ever felt a little stress upon your eyes while screening? You may have ignored it, but it can get dangerous if it goes unnoticed. When you spend more time on gadgets, your eyes start to dry up, and it can cause many infections in eyes and weak eyesight. If you use handheld gadgets for a time, they can weaken your finger muscles. Sitting in a specific posture can cause many back and neck problems, including aches. The radiations from these devices can affect your hormones. Prolonged exposure to such emissions can cause severe problems. Overuse of these devices can make you physically lazy and tired; you may start skipping your daily physical exercise sessions just because you don’t have the energy to do so. Obesity is another problem that can appear due to overuse of gadgets. It may be caused due to less physical activities or maybe due to stress. However, other problems start occurring with obesity, like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Mental health

Many mental health problems like stress, depression, a sudden change in behavior, and emotions can arise due to overuse of technological gadgets. The radiations from these devices or the blue light from the screens can be causing these problems. Radiations from these devices can affect the production of the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sleep, and disturb your sleeping routines. Studies have proven that the people who overuse these devices show aggressive behavior. It can affect the growth of your child and their health.


You can prevent the problems that occur from electronic gadgets. The time you spend using them can be reduced to safe limits for perfect and more reliable health. You can restrict usage and timing of your growing child through apps like the mSpy UK. Try using night filters that many devices offer now to reduce strain over your eyes. You should stay in with your physical exercises to keep your body and mind healthy.