Things men need but they don’t yet know it

What men consider to be “good grooming” has changed considerably over the years.  Years and years ago in 10000 BC using scented oils was considered as a method of cleaning and softening the skin as well as disguising the smell of odour.  Many men in Egypt would use Kohl as part of their grooming routines.  Then there are tribes around the world that often wear makeup in paint form to help them prepare for battle as well as for cosmetic reasons.

So as you can see men’s grooming is not something new.  Even the Elizabethans who were well known to powder their very pale skin were familiar with grooming.

Waxing is a not too familiar with men.  Women have been using it for years but men are still wary about using it.  Waxing for men came about in the 20th century and is exploding back into men’s grooming routines.  Many men still spend hours shaving and not realising the benefits of waxing.  BeautyPro Non Woven Wax Strips come highly recommended by those men brave enough to use waxing products.

Unlike women, modern men have not been introduced to grooming from a young age as is very new to them.  We are to the rescue!    The secret to grooming is being confident and trying new products.  With the massive amount of the products available for men it can become very overwhelming to know what to choose and where to start.  Men need help on what products they should be using that they don’t know they should be.

It can be very confusing of how to use them let alone what ingredients are contained in the products and the benefits they have.  All a guy wants to do is look presentable.

So what do you need to buy your man…

Redkin Color Camo – Every guy is subdued to the odd grey hair.  This is a miracle product that will remove any signs of grey hair within as little as five minutes, transforming a man’s look making them look ten years younger in as little as those small five minutes.

Hugo Boss Green – A staple fragrance needed in any man’s bathroom cabinet.  This is a fragrance that has stood the test of time, introduced in 1995 and is still a much loved fragrance.  Containing green apple, spearmint, cedar leaves and Jasmine this is a sweet yet masculine fragrance.  Perfect for the modern and traditional man.

Decleor Men Soothing Aftershave Liquid – A non oily liquid that makes a man’s skin feel smoother and softer straight after shaving.  No more irritation.  It is also proven to shield against moisture in the air.

Toothpaste check, dental floss check, hair gel and shaving cream.  Just when a man thought his cabinet was full enough and contained everything he would ever need, these grooming products highlighted, show there are a few extra necessities’ needed.

Vamping up a man’s grooming habits they items proof that you thought you didn’t need them, but they actually do.