Practical gifts are often the most thoughtful presents for newly-weds. But if it’s a couple who owns everything a typical household needs, the seemingly stress-free hunt for a wedding gift can quickly turn into a nightmare. The task is even more daunting as everyone who spends a buck for a gift hopes that the giftee would treasure it. 

There are two choices to go around this. It is either you squander a fortune to buy luxury gifts people couldn’t normally afford for themselves, or go for a safe and sweet spot, like a personalized gift. If you have not gifted someone with stuff having your artistic flair or something bought from a custom shop, we got your back.

Here are three personalized gifts for couples who have everything.

A Custom Puzzle

Anything romantic, personalized, and about them would work. A custom puzzle of a place where your favorite couple first met is indeed, an unforgettable gift. Apart from their appreciation that you know so much about their relationship, this gift will quickly become the best gift they received in their lifetime. So if you want them to remember you for being a good friend of their marriage, start recalling when and where they met each other and finish creating this custom puzzle before that special day comes.

A Personalized Poster


You can have a beautiful and personalized poster for your beloved pair for an artist’s commission and the costs of materials used. To make sure it won’t get messed up before the couple opens this gift, you can have it framed and enveloped in a bubble wrap. It’s always an excellent piece of decor in a room or living area.

A Personalized Cutting Board

Couples who are excellent on entertaining guests with their funny stories and sumptuous treats deserve something they can use in the kitchen. A cutting board with their names engraved and a heart in the middle is something they’ve never thought of having. They can either use the board as it is or hang it as kitchen decor.

 A Personalized Frame with Scratch Off Travel Map


A wanderlust duo would love something they can use or has relevance to their favorite activity. Couples who’ll get sick if they stayed at home for a while might want a tracker of their past travels. Instead of a notebook or a diary, get them a scratch-off travel map and put it inside a personalized frame. After arriving home from their previous destination, they can take it down and scratch off the country. This present also serves as a motivation to do more travels, and by this, they will remember you every time they fight over who’s going to do the scratching.

A Couple of Figures

You can order a couple of bobblehead figures that look like your lovely pair. Moreover, you can customize it further to animate a scene like the wedding event, their summer trip, or a date in their favorite place. Order from to get these couple figures and make sure to provide specific instructions so you can get the scene you have in mind.