The start of the Formula One season is right around the corner. February sees the teams launching their new cars, the new liveries and the new driver line ups. Once the ceremonies are over the cars will finally hit the track during testing in Barcelona.

Then and only then does the real fun of the season kick off before the first race in Australia. This brief prelude to the season has gifted us an insight into what is about to unfold. Some of the teams will have been sandbagging and deliberately going slower than their max. Some teams will have been going all out because they are so far behind their development plans. The worst thing is that there are very few people in the world who will truly know which teams are doing what.

This is where a brave bet can really pay off. It’s the time of the season where a hunch can capitalise on the uncertainty, on the unknown, and on the completely unpredictable. Who could predict the winner of that first race, when the cars haven’t even made it over to Australia yet?

The pre-season bet is where you’ll find the largest odds. If miracles were to happen and Williams showed up with a car to rival the front end of pack, then the 5000/1 odds of George Russell winning the championship really are a player’s delight. The form of the Williams last year was questionable, but nothing stops them from turning up with a championship winning car this year.

Lewis Hamilton ran away with the Championship last season, in truth there was barely a challenge for his title after May. This has only meant that the odds of him retaining it and equalling Michael Schumacher’s record seventh title, are really short. The odds-on favourite is sat around 8/13 and the bookmakers as so confident in his ascension to yet another title, that they are offering championship odds without Hamilton.

Now then, with the season fast approaching and the wild predictions ready to be made into wagers, you’d be misguided just to jump into the normal online bookies to place your normal bet. This time of year, is prime for offers and welcome bonuses. So before you do place your bet, head over to and find out how to make you opening bet go even further.

When you’ve claimed your deposit bonus, there’s one bet which has really caught the eye. McLaren to claim the Constructors Championship, without Mercedes. It might be a slightly long shot, but when you look at McLaren’s curve and the noise coming out of Maranello, this could be a two-horse race between Red Bull and McLaren. Having odds of 66/1 in a two-horse race is one of the rarest finds you’ll ever discover.

Whichever way your hunches lead you and whichever teams you decide are going to have a great season, it’s really all about the fun of the chase. A win is great, but we know that it has to stay fun.