I don’t know about you but I have one massive problem when it comes to trainers. I say a massive problem, but I know that some people have a bigger problem than I do. Bigger and massive are never good words to use when you are trying to find trainers.

I have size nine feet. When you compare that to the men, it doesn’t sound that big and mine are by no means the size twenties of the men’s. This does not seem to matter when I walk into any sports store and have a look around at the trainers on display.

They all look lovely and would be great for me to go running in, the only problem is that as soon as I look at a label or the tag, I know they will say from sizes two up to size eight. Every single shop manages to not stock my sized trainers.

I gave up years ago after one too many embarrassing responses from the unhelpful store staff. Yes, I know I have large feet and that I need large trainers but I really didn’t think this would be such a cause for ridicule. You just lost your store a lot of business and I know you don’t care because you are only there on a Saturday.

So, I turned to the online stores. In an instant, the world opened up to me. I thought I would have to go to speciality sites designed for larger people. You know those Big and Large style shops. I tried them and found that my feet were always at the bottom end of their scales. I was being offered very few options because my feet were not big enough. It was almost ironic.

A site like lovethesales has bigger sizes than I could ever dream of needing and loads of trainers in my size. The best news was that I just searched for any sports store and then used the size selectors. Almost every store had a range of trainers in my size. Suddenly the world was my oyster once more.

The battle was half won. I had options and they would all fit me. The next issue was price. I’ve never paid full price for anything I have brought online, there is always the opportunity to fish around and find the same product for cheaper. It’s the same way that the companies ensure they are competitively priced, so I did the same.

Sales come and go, then you find some sites which always have sales on them. Heading online again in my search for trainers sale site just makes life easy and cheap.

I’ve had so many issues trying to walk into a real store and trying to buy trainers, that I was truly amazed at the options online. I haven’t even bothered looking in a sports store since I started buying online. Life is too short to have to worry about buying trainers, that time should be spent out running or playing tennis.