Finding the right dinner set for your Christmas can be a difficult task. When the family is coming round to celebrate, there is pressure to put on a show. It is not just the food that must be good; the presentation is also key. The dinner set used to feed your family a festive feast can play a massive part in making this Christmas dinner a memorable one. There are a range of different factors that determine which dinner set is the perfect set for your family’s celebrations. Whether it be the price of the plates or how aesthetically pleasing the set is, buyers should weigh up what they want from their set and find their ideal one, but you’ll have to be quick – Christmas is rapidly approaching! Let’s have a look into the different elements that play a part in making your dinner set perfect for plating up on Christmas Day.


The prices for a Christmas dinner set can differ drastically. A set could be bought for as little as a few pounds, whereas some will set you back hundreds! Of course, some families will have a smaller disposable income than others, so don’t go spending a fortune if you haven’t got the funds. Think to yourself, is the price you’re paying justifiable if you’re only going to be using the set at Christmas? Have you ever got a Christmas related present for Christmas and ended up not using it again till the next festive season? Think of this with that same mindset. If you want a set that can be used for many years at Christmas time, a long-lasting set could be quite pricey. Similarly, if you are going to be using the set all year round then a robust set will have an increased price tag. On the other hand, if there will be excited children using the set after unwrapping their presents, potentially look at cheaper sets that you wouldn’t be as worried about breaking on the day!


Christmas Day is a special occasion no matter how many people you’re celebrating with. Whether it’s you and your partner cooking up an Xmas Dinner, or if all the family are invited, there will be a dinner set for you. The amount of people that are going to be eating off the set will affect which one you should purchase. The majority of sets tend to come with 12 items, with the items being split into 4 sections and 3 items belonging to each section. Therefore, if you need items for 4 people or less, a standard set would more than suffice. However, if you’ve got a large guestlist  planned this Christmas, there are many other sets available for purchase. There are different combinations of plates, bowls and side plates that can be bought if you need miscellaneous items to make up the numbers, so you don’t need to worry about being left short.


The material of your set is massively important when buying a dinner set for Christmas. Not only can the appearance of plates be largely influenced by the material it is made out of, but it affects durability and suitability for a range of cooking methods. So, depending on what you’re cooking on Christmas Day and how you’re cooking it, one set may not be suitable for your needs. Keep an eye out on which materials can be used for what you’re looking to cook up. Some of the different materials that sets are made out of are:

    • Earthenware – creamy white, strong and ideal for everyday use
    • Stoneware – Tougher and robust, oven-proof up to 250 degrees.
    • Porcelain – Clean white, delicate and can survive all cooking methods
    • Fine China – Thin yet strong and used for afternoon tea

We hope your Christmas Dinner is the best one yet! Merry Christmas!