The quick and easy way to get your leather furniture looking nice!

Should you have leather furniture, especially if you have children and leather furniture, then you will undoubtedly need to clean the sofa or chair from time to time. And while you are always encouraged to use the cleaners and conditioners recommended by the manufacturer of the couch, chair, or ottoman, sometimes a quick and easy cleaning solution is needed. Here are a few easy ways to clean leather furniture.

Permanent marker

Before you start screaming and thinking that your sofa is ruined, there is a solution to permanent marker. I did not believe it either when I first heard of it, but after having my children write on the walls, tables, and on the leather sofa and seeing that it works, I am a believer. What you will need to do is to apply toothpaste to the area which has been written upon. Make sure that you get that bubbly lather by adding a bit of water. Keep in mind that you are doing a quick fix and that you are essentially adding an acid to the leather so it may cause some discoloration. Still a slightly lighter hue is better than a big strip of marker (you can also darken and polish any blemishes out after you remove the stain). Once you have let the toothpaste sit for about 5 to 10 minutes’ scrub it off. The marker stain should be removed.

Dust accumulation

Dust is best removed with a wet rag. Do remember that you are applying water to pores and so you need to use caution on the amount of water that you apply to any area. I would recommend that you use a commercial dusting product or wipe to remove the dust from a surface. Do not use anything which has an abrasive texture as this could cause you to scuff up the leather.

Bringing back the glow

If you want your leather furniture to have that glow and vibrancy that it did when you first purchased it, you should use leather cleaners and conditioners and follow the instructions for doing so. But if you are in a rush to impress some unannounced house guest or a similar situation, you can use a wipe and a to get a similar effect. First take the wet wipe and clean all the dirt and grime from the surface. It is always best to work from the top to the bottom to avoid smearing the dirt and grime over the furniture. Once you have cleaned the surface use a non-abrasive towel to dry the surface of the furniture.

Nubuck leather furniture

Cleaning nubuck leather is a bit more detailed then the standard sofa or couch. The reason is that the leather is already sanded and therefore a bit more fragile than cowhide or thicker gauged leathers. As such you will want to use cleaners and conditioners sparingly as they may cause the nubuck to take on a darker hue (and get spotty if not consistently applied).

One of the best ways in which to clean nubuck is with a soft brush. The brush should have enough grip to get the dirt out of the leather while at the same time not damaging the fibers. Should you have deep dirt, you may need to have a very low abrasive sandpaper and in gentle circles work that area. Should you have any questions about cleaning nubuck leather, you are strongly advised to seek the guidance and expertise of a professional leather artisan. Trying to clean delicate leather without advise and guidance can ruin the furniture.

Get the leather professionally cleaned

Of course, if you are not comfortable with applying cleaners and solvents to your furniture, you can have professionals do the job for you. When picking a company, ensure that the cleaners are organic and that there is no ammonia and strong acids in the cleaners that they will be using. I would also urge those considering this option to go with a specialist in leather and not just a run of the mill upholstery and furniture cleaning company. By ensuring that the company specializes in cleaning leather you are less apt to have any mishaps due to the wrong cleaning technique being applied.

Clean as you go

Perhaps the best way that you can ensure that your leather furniture stays clean with minimal effort, is to clean the sofa as you go. This is by far the easiest way to clean leather. If you sit on a couch and you notice that it is a bit dusty, take a clean rag and wipe it down. Periodically, check in between the cushions for clutter (you may even get some change), and seasonally move the sofa so that it does not get direct UV lighting upon it which can fade the colors. By taking simple measures and by cleaning your couch deeply at least once every 4 months, your leather furniture will remain stunning for years.