The way you dress and the way you present yourself says more about you than your business card. When you meet someone, their impression of you is formed within the first few seconds. This suggests that wearing quality clothing that gives you a feeling of confidence is an important part of who you are and who you want to be.

Maybe you have never considered what it takes to dress like a lottery winner. Maybe you thought a millionaire somehow “just knew” what clothes looked best on them, or that they have people to help. You certainly can hire someone to dress you, but until you reach that point, let us help you.

Anna Bey – ‘JetSetBabe’ London, Author 

Anna Bey is a blog writer and the owner of the School of She teaches women how to date men of wealth and influence. Here are a few of the basics she recommends women have in their wardrobe to show class and wealth. Note: all items should be tailored, no matter the cost of the item.

  • Simple white blouse
    • This can be any material, but it should be true-white. 
  • Silk blouse
    • This blouse can be any color. Anna recommends beige, cream, or bone.
  • Black trousers
    • Anna likes long trousers with flared legs that cover her heels
  • White trousers
    • These trousers can have long flared legs or straight. White trousers look chic and can be worn in elegant settings.
  • Two hats
    • A summer hat with a wide brim
    • A fall and winter hat
  • Nice shoes and handbags
    • These two items are the most important. They will polish the outfit. They must be of good quality. They will last forever when cared for properly. Do not make the mistake of buying a handbag or shoes that has someone’s name all over them. That is not as high-class as you may think. You have grown past that. 

David August Heil – founder and CEO of ‘David August’

David August Heil provides tailored wardrobe to superstars of sports, business, and entertainment. Men have it easier than women, but they still have to make a good impression. Note: David insists that all items that can be altered should be altered. Wearing no jacket is better than wearing an unaltered jacket.

  • Don’t forget the sports coat. You can dress up jeans with a sports coat. You can dress up an outfit, but you can’t dress one down. Even an off the rack sports coat can be tailored to make you look taller and leaner and more put together. Accessories can take you further if you need them.

If your look is going to be jeans and a t-shirt go for good quality. It is true, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk wore them continually. But keep this in mind. They have already made their mark on society, so you might want to buy some sharp jeans and keep a sports coat nearby. 

Dottie Herman – CEO of Douglas Elliman, Real Estate Brokerage Empire worth more than $27 Billion in annual sales.

  • Take the time to find your own personal style. You need to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. No matter how nice it looks, it has to be your personal style. Look through the fashion magazines and find some looks you think you like then head to the high-end department stores. There will be a stylist there who will help you find your style for free. Just buy your clothes from her. There are also makeup artists who will help you with your makeup. 

When you are putting together your first “millionaire” look, buy a basic black dress, tailored to fit you. Add a cardigan sweater to tie around your shoulders or to wear on chilly nights. Take a pair of heels and a pair of flats. A scarf or a simple necklace and you are ready for just about anything. Add a good pair of jeans and a white button-down shirt and shoes or boots and there is nothing you are not ready for.