Living in the capital of the UK has its own set of challenges. Life here can be very different than in any of the other major cities and you need to make sure that you are not spending your money unwisely. Do you really need a car? Let’s take a look at some of the considerations you will need to make when you are thinking about getting one.


One of the biggest problems in London can be trying to find the right parking space. With so much of the city devoted to other, more important structures, it can be difficult to find a good multi-storey carpark. You might be then faced with the perils of parallel parking on a busy road.

You will also have an issue back home if you do not have access to off-street parking. Many people living in London might not have access to accommodation with dedicated parking. If you can’t guarantee that you will always manage to park next to your house all the time then your own car might be an issue.

Congestion Charge

If you are driving in and out of the centre of London, you are going to have to pay the Congestion Charge. This is active in the central part of the city from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday. You can pay it online or in shops and it will allow you to drive around in this time. 

If you live within the Congestion Charging zone, you can apply for a resident’s discount. This might help you to save quite a bit of money while you are trying to move around the city. Check to see if you meet the requirements otherwise you might unknowingly be paying far too much. 


No matter where you happen to live, insurance is always going to cost a significant amount. But you might find that living in London bumps up your insurance premiums, because in heavily built up areas like London there are more vehicles, more congestion and therefore a higher chance of an accident occurring. This is also true of some parts of the UK with the North or Ireland being a good example of higher premiums because of higher risk. Fortunately, if  you are a resident of NI You can get good deals on car insurance NI with insurance quotes NI. No-one wants to pay more but if moving away isn’t an option then you might not have a choice.

Fortunately, there are several tools you can use as you try to find the best deal for your car insurance. is one of the best examples, as it allows you to compare policies from over 100 different insurance providers in just a minute or two.

Public Transport

One of the best things about staying in London is the extensive public transport network. There are the iconic red buses, the Tube lines, and overhead trains everywhere and at regular hours. If you want to get from South Croydon to Watford then you can do it purely using public transport. Even if you get stranded then you can always hop in a black cab to get somewhere.

If you can effectively move around the city of London by only using public transport then you probably don’t need a car. Your travel costs are likely to be very comparable to that of if you had a car. Until you are ready to move away from London, you might be better off using public transport. 

Not everyone needs a car when they live in London. One might be very useful to you but it might also be a massive drain on your finances. You need to assess whether or not you can actually make do with just what you already have. Living without a car in London is the reality for many of the people who live there. A car can be something you get much later in life when you are more prepared for it.