As a society, we seem to be taking more notice of what we’re putting into our bodies. What we put in is essentially what we get out, so it’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to feel the best version of ourselves.

Some of us have removed gluten and dairy from our diets, others are focussing on a high protein diet, alongside people who are perhaps exploring the benefits of going vegetarian. Ultimately, we all need a diet that works for us and one that is capable of providing the right amount of energy throughout the day to enable us to feel full of life and ready to attack the day. Did you know, though, that there’s a range of popular foods that contain plenty of energy?

It can be easy to feel run down after a tough day at work, which can lead to an unproductive evening or even a lack of daily activities the next day. Popular energy-filled foods will enable you to get up off the sofa after playing progressive jackpot games like those available at or sack off a night of Netflix shows, all in favour of the gym or a game of football with friends. Consuming foods that help promote energy levels is beneficial, although some people aren’t aware of just how much energy a certain food can give them.

So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some energy-boosting foods you might not know about.

Brown rice

Packed full of nutrients, brown rice retains more nutrients than its white counterpart, alongside offering a high fibre content and a low, low glycemic index, which in turn can aid energy levels and provide a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are adored all over the world for their taste, but they provide a shedload of energy too. Around 25 grams of complex carbs can be found in a 100-gram serving of sweet potato, which is highly beneficial in terms of supplying our bodies with enough energy it needs for the whole day. Sweet potatoes are a complex carb, essentially meaning that our bodies take a while to digest it, therefore allowing it to provide us with the energy we need.


Yes, that’s right; the humble old egg can boost our energy levels. Eggs are packed with energy fuelling protein, alongside containing leucine; a type of amino acid that is known to increase energy levels by stimulating the production of energy cells. Eggs are packed full of vitamin B too, which is another energy aiding ingredient that our body needs.


Believe it or not, but water can actually help provide us with more energy. We all need water to stay alive, but it also gives us the energy we require thanks to its ability to keep us hydrated and fuelled, therefore allowing us to fight off the feeling of fatigue and have a boost of energy.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate binges have never felt so right, right? Well, thankfully for the chocolate lovers among us, the dark stuff contains more antioxidants in it, which are shown to increase the blood flow around the body and ultimately aid the production of energy. This is all down to the higher cocoa content in dark chocolate, which also goes a long way to improving our mood and fighting off any mental fatigue.


Fairly low in calories and high in energy, popcorn provides the fibre and carbs we need to get a steady release of energy. Make sure there isn’t too much salt or sugar in it, though!