Show off the artist in you

A mobile application that has really taken a hold of how we take photos.  Since it was created one October two years ago it has changed the way over 10 million users capture photos.  It is not surprising why it the most talked about photo sharing platform that has hit the world.

Just like Facebook and Twitter it has become one of the hottest social media tools allowing users to share their photos to friends and followers.  With photo uploading as easy as making a cup of tea, there is no excuse not to experiment on this application.

Don’t expect any of the jargon you get with Twitter, no hash tags involved, it is as simple as snapping away to your heart’s content and uploading.  But like Facebook and Twitter the reasons to upload lots of photos is to reach as far out as possible.

So how you increase your followers on Instragram and get people looking at your content.  So here goes, try these simple ways to attract more fans to your page.

Slowly you will get there

You may update your Twitter page several times a day but this approach is not ideal when uploading photos.  It is best to drip feed fantastic photos over a period of time than post loads in one day and then not upload anything for seven weeks.

Practice does make perfect

Have you like most of us taken a photo for it to have your friends head cut off or they have moved away from the camera too quick and the image is blurry?  This happens to us all and even those photos that look perfect may not have started that way.  The secret is finally out; use the best photos apps to turn your blurry image into a master of art.

Be comfortable with how the camera works on your phone and get creative.


The best photos apps that are available are compatible with the majority of smart phones and these allow you to crop and resize photos, meaning you can remove the stranger at the back of your photo with ease.  It is very easy to turn a dull photo into a quality piece.  There are photo phone apps that take editing to the next level and can turn your colour photo into black and white or any other colour.

Become popular

Once you have got a buzz out of editing your photos you are ready to become popular.  There are a number of images that make the “popular list”.  Look into why these are popular, by reading comments and seeing why they are liked.  Maybe it’s because they use bright colours or a different angle and see if you can use these tips to improve your own photos.  Another example of how the best photo apps available can make you stand out from the crowd.

This is an app that has taken the world by a storm and your next photo could be reaching the world in seconds.  What are you waiting for?