Among the many reasons to visit Cambridge this summer is Cows about Cambridge: a free public art trail comprising forty cows. A range of artists have contributed, each with their own particular style and attitude; some are just starting their profession journeys, while others are major names.

The festival will take place between March 30th and June 6th, and it’s designed to encourage tourists and locals to take a walk around the city in order to discover everything that’s on offer – thus encouraging exercise, and bolstering the profile of the city!

Why a Cow?

We should clarify at this point that the variation between the cows comes from the artwork on the surface: each cow is modelled after the Red Poll breed, which can be found on the city’ Midsummer Common during warm weather. According to the organisers, the shape has been chosen to help foment discussion on environmental and health issues, and to give the whole thing a sense of thematic unity. Plus, ‘Cows about Cambridge’ is alliterative.

Each cow is made from fire-resistant fibreglass, and is designed to work as a large canvas for art. They come in two sizes: larger 45kg ones, and smaller ‘mini moos’ which weigh in at just 25kg.

How do I get around?

Once the trail is closer to being completed, a route will be decided upon, and a map released. The best way to navigate the trail is with the help of a bespoke mobile app, through which you’ll also be able to secure discounts from some of the sponsors (who we’ll get to shortly).

How is it funded?

The entire venture is being backed by investment from the private sector, in the form of sponsorship packages ranging between seven and fifty thousand pounds. This allows businesses to raise their respective profiles, and engender a public image of a socially-responsible, relatable organisation. The money goes toward the manufacture of the sculptures, as well as the artists themselves.

At the end of the event, all of the sculptures are brought together for a special farewell, which will provide everyone with a last chance to see them before they are each auctioned off to raise money for the Break charity. If you’re interested, then make sure you’re in attendance!

Among the contributors is Thameslink Railway, the event’s official travel partner. They offer trains to Cambridge, and trains to Brighton, where a range of similar events are scheduled for summer.