When the egg met the soldier

Looking around and spotting the egg next to him on the shiny white plate although noticing they were much higher than he was, he said “we will have a good yoke of a time moving the eggs about while we march around”.

Croissants, waffles, yoghurts, cereals, there have never been so much choice available until now.  So why with so much competition do we prefer to have boiled egg and toasted soldiers?  Is it because they are quick and easy to make or because they taste divine, or both.

Carefully preparing your dippy eggs and soldiers can add a bit of disappointment to your Sunday morning breakfast, this is why runny eggs with toasted soldiers made quickly and effortlessly are the perfect brekkie for the kids.  Even the adults will be super excited as nostalgia is brought to the first meal of the day.  Keep the memories of your childhood alive as you get the children to help make breakfast this weekend.

The secret to eating a boiled egg is using a well rounded spoon that little hands can scoop out in one quick motion, leaving the soldiers ready to finish the job.

Children can be really funny about what foods they will eat and with breakfast being the most important meal of the day, eggs are a fantastic way to start the day.  As eggs come in all varieties, poached, fried, scrambled, most kids seem to like eggs in some form.  Plus who would not like dippy eggs and soldiers.

But the question many people ask is why toasted soldiers taste so yummy?

Toasted soldiers have a special ingredient to burn its way into our mind for a very long time, bringing the child out in us.  They tend to be one of the first solid foods many children try which is why we, as adults associate the smell and taste of toast with warming and comforting thoughts.  Plus watching the sugars caramelise with the heat of the toaster while creating that distinctive brown colour most definitely wakes up the taste buds.  This is definitely the best thing made since the invention of sliced bread!

Eggs are so so easy to make and not only do they please all the family but the kids can even join in and help, making them more likely to want to eat their own creation.  And soon the kids will be using their skills to master quick dishes such as omelettes or if you have sophisticated children scrambled eggs and salmon.

Leaving the soldiers to fight somewhere else the family can enjoy the nation’s favourite breakfast, toast which is proven to be the food associated with strong family connections and feelings of warmth and security with lots of other lovely things such as beans, eggs benedict or even as a sandwich.  The choices are endless.

The soldiers have finally cracked the secret to the best brekkie for the children and what’s more they couldn’t have done it without the eggs!