Today we will talk about training and nutrition for women at the gym, no doubt, one of the sectors that receive the most negative information regarding nutrition, routines, weights, which makes time and effort not only be in vain, it can even be harmful to your health. In short, all this leads to eating disorders, food anxiety, and many other aspects that we want to avoid. We are going to destroy common female fitness myths and give useful information to women.

Difference with men

Both are treated as if they were very different in terms of body education as if they had to train in a very different way when the difference is not such.

A masculine routine adapted to women in small values ​​is perfectly functional. The difference between genders is not substantial in this regard. We are not talking about differences that do exist, for example, the number of calories a woman needs since in general, they weigh less. This, without taking into account the metabolism or hormonal point.

Lack of intensity in the exercises

For some reason, perhaps marketing, female fitness magazines, television commercials, etc., women have a tendency to work without loads, without weights, without bars, or pulleys. Instead, they generally work with resistance straps, very light dumbbells, or their body weight, thinking they will get more effective results. That’s not true.

In short, a woman must also work with great intensity and demand adaptations and improvements at the structure level. You are not going to have better glutes working with two-kilogram weights when your glutes could work with 50, 60, or 70 kilos very easily.

This lack of intensity makes the exercise not effective. We must remove the myth that women should train with less intensity than men. The load requirement, that intensity, is not enough to produce adaptations. As in the example given, those glutes will never improve with two kilos of weight.

Why does the woman fall into these kinds of mistakes? Because she thinks that if she lifts a lot of weight, she will look muscular, ugly, or look “like a man“. The reality is that, due to differences at the hormonal level (lower testosterone level), this will never happen.

Women can gain muscle mass, but they will never get to the point of looking bad. In general, this is due to a deviant look from the classic bodybuilders or competition women. Let’s clarify that, a regular woman, will never come to look like this. First, because it takes years of training and strict/specific nutrition, and also, these women reach that point because they consume exogenous substances, increasing natural testosterone levels.

“Gaining muscle mass is a very slow process in both men and women, therefore you should never be afraid and you should be open to improvement”

Macronutrient distribution

Once a woman begins to become aware of nutrition, of the diet she needs, she feels an unwarranted fear of both carbohydrates and fats. But it has been shown how women respond very well to fat even when recovering from a workout and recovering glycogen levels.

If a woman is training with low intensity because she is afraid of looking like a man, because she is afraid of gaining a lot of muscle mass, and also adds a diet – completely unnecessarily – this person avoids the consumption of essential macronutrients from fat, which at the same time, it contains many fat-soluble vitamins, and, also removes carbohydrates, we have a poorly fed, under-trained woman with a loss of muscle mass, worsening health and aesthetics.

Volume stage

Gaining muscle mass is the key point for every woman who wants to get good results in the gym, it is also for a man but women often panic at this stage.

Most women think that the key to achieving a slim and well-groomed body is simply to lose fat. They think that their buttocks if they lose fat, will look like the models they have as a reference when the reality is the opposite.

A woman who begins to lose weight and never performs the muscle gain stage will never see herself in another woman’s tone, they even look worse because her buttocks begin to lose fat, shape, and diameter. Glycogen, muscle tone, is lost. As a result of this, the dreaded “rebound effect” occurs, among other negative processes.

The difference between a woman with mediocre habits and a reference woman who looks healthier, with better shape and muscle tone, is made by the volume, toning stage. If you are not willing to gain muscle mass and have a low percentage of fat, you will look thin, weak, and emaciated.

Collective classes

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Women tend to attend this type of class a lot, partly for fear of what has been mentioned above (fear of training with great intensity and load). These types of collective activities are usually entertaining because they are guided, there is music, exercises are performed with bodyweight, with more repetitions, little weight, it will not necessarily help them meet their goals.

Although group classes can be interesting in a stage of fat loss and increased caloric expenditure, it will not be better aesthetically or to tone muscles.

Learn to know your body

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You must avoid all kinds of complexes and preconceptions as women are even more affected by the passing of the years. In short, a woman must know how to identify the importance of avoiding this type of female fitness training myths and use them to their advantage.

This also occurs in other species when it comes to training substantially. For example, some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL betting odds have low body mass but are still strong and powerful. They take advantage of the strength of their muscles.


female fitness

Restrictive diets don’t make any sense. We must avoid negative behaviors. Women benefit greatly from force work. Besides, a woman who has certain knowledge, trains with intensity, consumes essential macronutrients such as fats and proteins adapted to her weight, will obtain incredible results in female fitness.

Lastly, there are often a lot of clowns in weight rooms, and there are some who never seem to have seen a woman in their lives. Don’t let this intimidate you. There is no place for lukewarm people.