I’d divorce him if he bought me…..

Whether it is Christmas or birthday and you excitedly wait to open the pretty ribboned and boxed gift from your husband or boyfriend to discover he has bought you a pot of anti-ageing cream.  The horror on your face may not be quite the impression he was looking for.  Where did he get the hint that you would want or should the question be NEED such a product like this.  This may be a good enough reason to get out the divorce papers.

This is a product that is very personal to a lady and not an item to be opened in front of the whole family.

These anti-aging creams are very similar to the “Fountain of Youth” in which they promise to bring youth and vitality to every person that uses them.  These are not miracle creams but can they actually make you look younger?  It is best to look around at the best products available before making a choice.  We take a look at the best creams that will help bring the youth back in your skin and your life.

The ultimate question is, how do these creams work?  In essence they are moisturisers that will revitalise your skin to help reduce the appearance of those wrinkles.  These creams not only work on your skin but have the ability to transform your life bringing confidence to any user.

Take a look at product reviews as they will help distinguish a product that is right for you, from past user experiences.  Remember not all of them will promise to do the same.

There are some fantastic anti aging creams on the market and some are specially formulated to work to encourage the renewal of cells that result in radiant skin.  Anti-ageing creams contain many different ingredients that work together to make your skin look and feel better.  Some of the common ingredients in these products are peptides, anti-oxidants, retinol and hydroxy acids.

If you are a husband, instead of buying an anti-aging product, purchase something that does not scream old such as a good quality moisturising cream or a body butter.  There are a range of body butters available that even come in a beautiful box making them perfect gift.  Made with pink jasmine, sweet pea and apricot blossom this smells good enough to eat.

Anti-aging wrinkle skin cream does so much more than the label suggests?  Wrinkle skin care is proven to reduce wrinkles, reduce fine lines and even helps with crow’s feet and dark circles.  Although this is classed as an anti-wrinkle cream it does much more than that.  Everyone regardless of their age suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles.  These can be very light and absorb into the skin very quickly.  You will start to feel it working instantly.

Good luck in your search to find the “Fountain of Youth”.  Hopefully you will find a product that is right for you and brings back the confidence and joy in your life.  Making you look and feel good about yourself again.  And remember hint to your husband or boyfriend that you would like some perfume this Christmas or birthday.

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