With busy lifestyles making us feel like we are going a mile a minute, it’s easy in life to feel a bit overwhelmed and lost at some point. The reason why it’s so important for your home to feel like a place of comfort, somewhere that will leave you feeling calm, happy and protected.

The famous quote “home is where your heart is” always feels very real, this stresses the importance of why you should love the home you live in. Expressing your personality and preferences, leaves you with uplifted spirits and feeling happy.

There is no universal interpretation to what makes you feel happy, calm and protected, so there shouldn’t be a common rule to how you should decorate your home.

So what should you look for when creating a home that reflects your personality?

Make Your Home Fit Your Personality And Lifestyle

Picture yourself doing certain actions within your home, how do you enjoy lounging around? What do you spend time doing in your free time? Do you often invite guests over or do you spend your time alone? These are the important things to dwell on, you’ll have a better understanding of what you are looking for to fit your needs and style.

Use Your Favourite Colours

Colour is a powerful part of interior design, choosing a colour that represents your personality and that makes you happy, is the first matter to accomplish. The good thing is, you have endless colour options to choose from, so make this decision before you go painting or buying.

Choose Your Favourite Furniture

reflects your personality

To change the appearance of any home, look for furniture that is comfortable, practical and visually appealing. Whether you prefer mid-century style or a more contemporary design, a piece that you are excited to use will help to achieve a home that reflects your personality.

Make The Most Out Of Every Inch

reflects your personality

Take advantage of all the things your home and outdoor space have to offer, you have the freedom to make your home what you want it to be. Make your home-related dreams a reality, a spare bedroom can be made into a dressing room, library or home gym.

Accessorise Your Home With Things That Make You Happy

reflects your personality

To make your home, the perfect safe haven that you deserve, embrace the smaller, characteristic pieces of your home. If you love coffee or tea, having a mug tree with unique, decorative mugs that you love is a great way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen. Beyond mugs, look at accessories that you can decorate your shelves, coffee tables that reflect you, add eclectic cushions that you love and use your favourite scented candles around your home. Your home could be a blank canvas, but with these final touches you can make it your own.

Make Each Room Its Own

A commonly forgotten about room of the home is the hallway, it is often left basic and looking a bit boring. Upon entering your home you want to feel that warm welcome that melts away your stress, this a great area to personalise and perk up. Maybe a photo gallery with all your favourite photos of family, friends and holidays will add that fun touch that your hallway needs.

reflects your personality

Whether your home is a short-term or long-term residence, it’s still yours to make your own. Let it be the place you enjoy coming back, let it be the place that you can make amazing memories, the place that reflects your personality.