The way in which cosmetic surgery has viewed has changed drastically in recent times. Not too long ago, cosmetic surgery was somewhat of a taboo and considered only an option for the rich and the famous. These days, cosmetic surgery is incredibly common and much more accepted in public, largely due to the positive impact that it can have on people’s mental health.

Exposure to “Beauty”

It is thought that there are a few different reasons why people are getting cosmetic surgery with the constant exposure to “beauty” being one of the most common. The fact that people are constantly watching films and TV, reading magazines and spending time online seeing beautiful people means that people have become increasingly concerned with their own appearance.

Social Media

This is furthered by social media, which means that people are sharing and seeing photos and videos of themselves much more than they were 20 years ago. They are also seeing more photos of friends and other people (often edited), which can make people feel more self-conscious and wanting to improve their own physical appearance to share with the world. This is again furthered through the rise of online dating, where people will want pictures that will help them to attract someone online.

A Fast & Targeted Solution

These reasons mean that people are a lot more self-conscious than they were 20 years ago which is problematic. Obviously, there are lots of ways that people can improve their self-esteem but cosmetic surgery can provide fast and target results. If someone is self-conscious about their nose, for instance, then nose surgery will be a highly effective and easy way to improve how they feel about this feature.

Accepted for Mental Health Benefits

Cosmetic surgery has also become much more accessible and affordable as well as accepted. People are seeing that cosmetic surgery can improve people’s life in many ways, mainly through increasing their self-esteem. Using the same example above, it is easy to tell someone that they are beautiful and that they should not be self-conscious about their nose, but this is unlikely to change how they feel so a procedure could be the only way that they will feel more confident in their appearance. It is interesting to see how the perception of cosmetic surgery has changed in recent times. In a time where people are often feeling self-conscious, cosmetic surgery can be a good solution and help people to feel much happier in their life so it is easy to see why the perception has changed.