This may sound weird to you but mattress can be a reason for the breakup. Nowadays, break up thing is not a big deal, this usually happens and you are not the only one who face it. As the time changes, you simply become separated from each other and turn out to be increasingly troubled as the days go on. Or the other reason could be that you were never appropriate for one another in any way. In the end, you start feeling discomfort in sleeping together consistently. So that is the perfect time to do break up with your mattress. There are few factors that will tell you that it is the time adieu to your mattress:

  1. When you spend your entire night just by tossing and turning on the bed. The reason might be that you were feeling uncomfortable while lying on the mattress. This actually makes impossible for you to even take a wink of sleep and you will not be able to sleep on such type of mattress.
  2. Sometimes you may feel that the springs of the mattress are sticking out. You may even count that protruding springs without even getting off of it, by just simply lying on it. When such a thing happened, you cannot even lay properly on it.
  3. In some cases, the mattress makes more noise than you when you are dozing off. Though you can a big snorer but, those creaks and squeaks are sufficient to not let you sleep or wake you up in the middle of the night.
  4. After some passage of time, the sags and lumps formed in the mattress and that become noticeable. People will deny admitting that the mattress also has some life year in the same way as the human being had. The padding of mattress starts sagging and the base does not remain firm any longer. When someone found these things in the mattress, he will not be able to sleep on it as it will be noticeable. And the lumps in the mattress will start poking out that person who will lay on it.
  5. When it comes to a mattress, you keep on forgetting that it has been around 10 years since you have brought your mattress and you need to change it. You are so busy due to your hectic schedule that you do not even notice that your mattress needs a replacement. The mattress should be replaced after a few years otherwise it will start annoying you. No one can live in their radiance days for eternity.
  6. You always become emotional, when you have to bid adieu to your beloved things. But you need to change or replace few things in your life, same goes to your mattress. With the passage of time, your mattress trapped all the dust and dirt and you may also become allergic from it. If you want to stay healthy, you need to change the mattress after a few years, so that it does not affect your health.
  7. When your mattress starts troubling you, to get the better sleep you look for the place. You start avoid coming home and so that you do not have to face your troublesome mattress. In case you have started going to your best friend’s house or some hotel, to get some peaceful and comfortable sleep. It means that you have formally grown apart.
  8. When you come to your home dead tired and you want to have peaceful sleep at night but your mattress does not allow you to get a wink of sleep. You spend your entire night while tossing and turning, as you will not able to sleep peacefully. Regardless of how early you sleep or lay on your bed, still your mattress will keep you up the whole night.


The above reasons maybe responsible for your breakup with your beloved mattress. When you are unhappy because of your troublesome mattress; you should go to Nectar sleep and get an amazing mattress of your own choice at an affordable price. Nectar sleep is the leading manufacturer of mattresses in the industry. It is of no use if you lay down on your mattress wide awake and staring at the ceiling of your room for an entire night. Perhaps your mattress was never the ideal match for you. So it is better to replace your mattress with a new one.