Owning a campervan means being clever with your space; there’s no room for the whole contents of your wardrobe or your favourite bedding you like to snuggle into when you’re at home.

Holidays in a campervan don’t mean missing out or living a cold and miserable existence; there’s a whole range of amazing gadgets to keep your life 21st century and your payload well under the maximum.

This summer, get the best insurance deal through http://motorhomeinsurance.org.uk/  ,clear out your clutter and pack up your camper with these top 5 sleek and funky items.

  1. Matador Pocket Blankets

If you’ve stopped for a picnic, how often have you put down the blanket only to realise the ground is wet and you have a damp bottom within minutes? Not to forget the amount of space a decent sized blanket can take up in your camper or the weight of dragging it around a festival field finding the best spot.

The Matador Pocket Blanket solves all these problems. It’s big enough for 4 people, lightweight, is made from a fabric which doesn’t let moisture through and the biggest benefit of all? It folds down to being the size of a packet of crisps. It’s also tear proof so won’t rip when you put it on a rough surface.

  1. Rumpl

You need waterproof items when you’re travelling the world and the Rumpl is certainly this. It’s also a padded blanket which can be used outside in the rain when at a festival and then just wiped dry to use inside on your bed at night. It packs away in a compression sack to take up only a small amount of space when you’re on the move.

  1. Biolight Nanogrid

Wild camping means light will be limited once it’s night time and fumbling around in the dark to cook is a nightmare. The Biolight Nanogrid is a 4 in 1 gadget which can be set up not only as an overhead lantern, but is also a torch, a power pack for charging USB items and also a daisy chain light system to hang along the side of your camper or on a tree branch.

  1. Cafflano Klassic

Every day should start with great coffee but if you’re in a campervan you may not have the onboard facilities to make it like your favourite barista. You’ll never need to make a stop on your journey again though to get a caffeine hit from your favourite coffee shop when you buy the Cafflano Klassic. It’s the world’s first all in one coffee maker; it grinds the beans and then drip filters hot coffee into the enclosed insulated cup.

  1. Mixbin Instant Power Charger

Nobody ever wants to be in an emergency situation and have a flat battery on their phone. It can happen though and with nowhere to charge up within miles, a situation such as a puncture or medical issue in the middle of nowhere can quickly become a grave concern. The Mixbin Instant Power Charger dissolves all these fears though; it’s a disposable, one-use power charger which you keep on board until needed. It has an incredible shelf life of five years so can sit in the glove compartment or in your rambling rucksack in case you need it. Once activated, you’ll have a one-shot power burst of up to 9 hours talk or internet time.