The internet is full of opportunities, and if you have enough spare time, you can easily utilize them. Here are some things you can do to earn some extra cash on the side while spending time online:

Online Survey Sites: On these sites, all you need to do is to register. The site will then present you with a number of surveys that you can choose and fill. The more surveys you fill, the more cash you would be awarded. The reward is mostly in form of vouchers or gift cards to online marketplaces like Amazon.

Cashback Sites: If you shop a lot online, you can use cashback sites to get a small percentage of your spending back. Over time this will make enough money that would otherwise have been wasted.

Review Sites: Think you have a knack for testing products? Well, then go ahead and sign up on a review site. Here you will be given points that can be converted into cash rewards when you submit product reviews.

Online Bingo: Online Bingo is not just a fun past time but can also earn you some cash on the side if you play it right. There are a number of free online bingo games that you can play to experience the fun and social aspect of this age old game while earning the cash!

E-Bay: Perhaps the easiest way to get some money is to sell the stuff that you no longer use on sites like e-Bay or Amazon. Not only will this declutter your house but also make you a little more richer in no time.

These ways can be especially useful if you find yourself in a financial crunch and with a lot of time on your hands. So go ahead and up your savings!