Take advantage of Black Friday deals to buy an extensive range of jewellery, either for yourself or as a gift.

Every year, Black Friday marks the weekend after Thanksgiving and starts a shopping Bonanza. Thousands of items get slashed down in prices, with people rushing to secure themselves plenty of great deals. It is also a good time to tick-off the Christmas shopping list, with many gifts including precious jewellery selling at a discounted price.

Following suit with the spirit of Black Friday, Nomination Jewellery is taking it up a notch by declaring not an only day but a whole Black Week. It starts on 25th November and ends on 2nd December.

Discounted Jewellery in Nomination Italy

Nomination Italy is putting items across the complete range on sale this Black Friday, including some fashionable necklaces, charming pendants, iconic bracelets, earrings, rings and much more. All of these jewelleries are made using high-graded stainless steel, with some designs sporting a classy yellow gold, rose gold or silver finish. The jewelleries from Nomination are also detailed using colourful gemstones, hanging decorations, engravings, etc. Suitable for men, women, and children of all ages, you are sure to find something for everyone in the family, making it also the perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping. We have picked the best items on discount below:

Bracelets: The popular Messaggiamo Bracelet in Steel with Forever Love Pendant is so in demand that it is almost running out of stock at £34. You can also grab the Special Edition Mixit Bracelet with Pendants for £79. The fancy Stretch 3 Flowers Bracelet with Gold Finish would cost £190, while the elegant Sofia Bracelet with Precious Gemstones has been discounted at half for its current £60 price tag. You can even choose between three different colours of gemstones, with plenty of other options also available.

To be attached to their modular Trendsetter Bracelet, you will also be able to choose from a wide collection of Composable Link adorned with gold finish or gemstones. The Composable Big Link with Red Coral is a delight at £66, while the Composable Classic Engraved 2019 costs £15.

Necklaces: The necklaces in the Black Friday discount list are suitable for both men and women, and versatile enough to be worn on every occasion. The Sofia Necklace with Square Stone is discounted in half and selling at £49. It is a classic example of Nomination Italy, with this particular elegant design that is also evening-ready for its sparkly enhancements.

Other Jewelleries: There is also a great range of cufflinks, earrings, rings, watches, etc. are on sale. The Montecarlo Cufflinks are selling out at a 50% discount, while the Pure Watch with Silicon Wrist Strap is available in four colours and costs £34. You can also scoop up a glittery Flair Earrings with Butterfly for £30, discounted from its previous price of £60. The Wing Pendant Earrings in Silver and Zirconia is also a great option at £99.