In the thick of the semester, jetting off on a foreign holiday is probably the last thing on your mind. Amid rent payments, coursework, nights out, and simply paying for food, few students might think they have the luxury of a foreign holiday. However, it turns out UK students do go on holiday, often traveling abroad with either friends or family at least once a year, according to Which?.

With the average cost of a short break to Europe costing anywhere between £150 and £1000, it pays to budget and more importantly, to know which destinations are cheaper. If you’re yearning for a mini-break with friends over the coming Easter holidays, then read on to find out the cheapest European countries for students. 


Poland has long been a magnet for penny-pinching party animals, and for good reason. Rankings by The Independent put the total cost of a trip to Krakow, the cultural and nightlife capital of the country, at an astonishing £164 for flights, accommodation, and all spending.

A trip to one of Krakow’s famous restaurants, serving up heaping portions of dumplings and pork knuckles, will only set you back £40 for a three-course meal for two with a bottle of wine. Make sure to take the time to see some of the city’s jaw-dropping attractions, such as the Wawel Castle and the Cloth Hall, both of which are free for students. 


Sure, major destinations like Paris may not be the most budget-friendly in the world, but France still makes a stellar budget destination for those seeking some adventure. Flights to the capital, as well as Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, and Lille, are available from UK airports from as low as £15(!), meaning you’ll have plenty left over for fun. 

Should you find yourself in the sun-kissed south of France, make the most of your savings by heading over to glamorous Monte Carlo for the day (pro tip: bring a packed lunch!). If you want to channel your inner-James Bond and play some roulette at the historic casino, you might want to get some (more affordable) practice in first by playing some online roulette at Paddy Power. Working on your French roulette skills beforehand might very well pay off in the Casino de Monte Carlo. 


If the bottom line is the most important thing to you, then look no further than wonderful Bulgaria, recently revealed by the Post Office to be the cheapest destination in Europe by a country mile. The cost of their “eight essential travel items”, including a three-course dinner, alcohol, transport, and more totalled to a mere £36.03, compared to £119.30 in Sorrento, Italy. 

The party mecca of Sunny Beach has plenty of decent hotels, where a five-night stay will rarely go over £100, whilst the raucous nightlife can be experienced in full whilst still having change left over from a tenner. The capital Sofia is also a gorgeous, culture-filled destination that is much safer than it used to be. For budget travellers, you literally cannot do better than Bulgaria. 

Now you know where to go, so you can start saving. If you were able to put away £2 a day every day of a semester, you’d be able to afford a proper holiday to any of the places on this list.