Put A Little Thought Into Your Christmas Shopping This Year

Why bespoke jewellery offers a more sentimental approach to gift-giving this Christmas. Show your loved one how much you care!

Christmas seems to start earlier every year. As soon as Halloween is out of the way, the Christmas adverts appear on our TVs and there have been mince pies in the shops since mid-October. Yet, many shoppers seem to ignore their festive gift-giving duties until the last minute, with men seemingly the main culprits of the last-minute dash to the shops. As many as 70% of shoppers on Christmas Eve are men, who desperately scour the shelves looking for something suitable, even though promotional events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday offered huge discounts several weeks earlier.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re reading this and you’d like to be a little more thoughtful to your loved one this year, then why not go all out and create a bespoke piece of jewellery to show how much you care?

Why Bespoke?

Whilst it is true that there are plenty of beautiful pieces of jewellery in high-street shops, or department stores across the UK that are truly dazzling, there’s something slightly sad about the volume of each that has been produced. The recipient of such a gift will always know that their ring, necklace or bracelet perhaps, is absolutely identical to thousands of others that are also being opened on Christmas morning. Bespoke jewellery tugs at those sentimental strings – the recipient can see how much effort and thought you’ve put into designing something which has been made with only them in mind, and they’ll want to cherish the piece for the rest of their lives.

Coming Up With An Idea  

If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the task of creating a piece of jewellery from scratch, there’s no need to be. You will work with a designer from start to finish, who will give you plenty of advice about stone quality, the metal you choose to work with and the settings. Your role will be to talk about the personality and look of the recipient. Have a think about what item you’d like to give them – what is missing from their collection? Or if it’s the right time to pop the question, then you might want to consider a bespoke engagement ring.

Take note of what type of jewellery he or she wears at the moment – do they tend to opt for a particular metal. If so, there’s likely a good reason for that as people with various skin tones tend to suit different shades of metal for example. Do they have a particular fondness for sapphires? Or perhaps you’d like to create something based around their birth stone?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a look in the high street shops for inspiration. Perhaps there’s a particular shape that you admire, but you’d rather include a ruby instead of a diamond. Alternatively, you might prefer the idea of a daintier bracelet, necklace or ring band.

All of this is information that you can provide your designer with. Using the latest 3D technology, you’ll be able to see an incredibly accurate image of your chosen piece and can make as many adjustments to the design as you like before you approve for it to be made. Going the bespoke route ensures that you’re excited about the gift you’ll be placing under the tree this Christmas. But not as excited as they’ll be when they open it!