Bathrooms, downstairs loos and shower rooms can often be crammed into the smallest corner of a house and can therefore be tight on space. However, a smaller space can be both stylish and practical. It doesn’t need to be cluttered and there are plenty of space-saving tips and tricks of the trade to create space-saving solutions. Visually it’s best to keep a smaller bathroom or shower room feeling open. Use pattern and print but keep it to a minimum, use lighter colours, as well as glass and mirrors to reflect light and increase the illusion of space. Choose a smaller sink rather than a vanity unit and opt for a glass shower door instead of a shower curtain.

Loft Space Solutions

It’s best not to try and fit in a bath in a small loft space, instead go for a luxurious glass shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are available to purchase in many shapes and sizes, including space-efficient quadrant designs that are perfect for an awkward corner space. Investing in an offset shower quadrant will provide you with more space to enjoy your shower while creating a sleek and minimalist finish. What is an offset quadrant shower? Click the link to find out.

Create An Illusion

Adding mirrors to your small room will transform the space, reflecting light and adding depth. You could hang one large mirror on the wall or opt for reflective mirror tiles to brighten your bathroom. A clever trick to make the room feel bigger is to use the same tiles on the floor and wall. By choosing to paint or tile a darker tile halfway up a wall, you’ll make the space feel larger. Selecting a darker shade from floor to halfway up the wall creates depth and the illusion of height. Painting the ceiling white above this will maximise brightness and create the illusion of more space. Bigger items of furniture can make a room feel small, so select pieces that are to scale with your space. Select space-efficient furniture too that offers extra hidden storage to keep your bathroom clutter tidy.

Add Character With Colour

Small doesn’t mean the space needs to be dull. A white bathroom can feel cold and stark, whereas a dose of colour injects personality, warmth and vibrancy into a space. Wallpaper can be an easy and cost-effective way to make a statement in a confined space. Painting the ceiling above white will add contrast to a bold printed paper. Although it’s important to note that bathrooms and shower rooms require specialist paper to prevent water damage. Try to take inspiration from anything and learn on how to use colour to your advantage in small bathrooms.

Save On Space With Simple Solutions

A smaller footprint shouldn’t make you hold back on design and creativity. Freestanding furniture is a practical storage solution for smaller spaces. It’s ideal to have the flexibility to move storage around the room, creating optimum space at all times. To save on wall space, use hooks for towels instead of a bulky towel rail. Wall-mounted taps are incredibly space-saving and work really well in compact bathrooms. Investing in recessed shelving is an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms, as it’s visually neat and practical too.