Were boyfriend’s put on this planet to annoy us? To some, it would seem so. They don’t always mean to be as annoying as they are, but they just keep on doing things that get our backs up. Here are 8 pretty much guaranteed ways your boyfriend will annoy you during your relationship:

  1. Leaving Wet Towels On Your Side Of The Bed

Why is it that when boyfriends have a shower, they forget where the radiator/washing machine is and throw it on your side of the bed instead? Leaving it wet on the bed is bad enough, but somehow, it always seems to be on your side.

  1. Failing To Flush The Toilet

We’ve all been there. Heading to the toilet only to be met with something absolutely disgusting when we lift the lid (that’s if they’ve actually shut it). How does one forget to flush a toilet, especially when they’ve seemingly emptied themselves of anything that was living in their bowel?

  1. Leaving Toenail Clippings Somewhere Unexpected

It’s fabulous that boyfriends keep their toenails clean and hygienic, but they always seem to forget the part where the toenails go in the bin. What’s that next to your cup of coffee on the side table? Oh, a toenail. Wonderful.

  1. Using Your Razor

You know your hair isn’t this coarse and curly, so why on earth is your razor full of the stuff? The only possible culprit is your boyfriend. Confront him. If he has shiny smooth legs, you know that you need to find a hiding place. Are men even supposed to shave their legs? You can find out here: https://99centrazor.com/trend-should-men-shave-their-legs/.

  1. Eating Something You Were Saving

Perhaps you saved yourself a yogurt, a biscuit, cheesecake, or something more humble like a piece of fruit. You looked forward to it as a midmorning snack or something with your brew. But, hang on…it’s gone. Nothing left. Not even a crumb. The worst part is, your boyfriend will wonder why you’re so upset about it.

  1. Forgetting Something Really Important

Boyfriends always forget important stuff. Some are better than others, but mostly, they will forget. Your birthday and anniversary need constant reminders so that you don’t have an awful day.

  1. Coming Home 3 Hours After He Told You He Was On His Way

‘I’ll be home in 5 minutes’ he says to you. 1, 2, 3 hours later, you’re still waiting for his arrival. In some cases, you just take yourself to bed and forget about it. How is this possible? It’s called ‘boyfriend time’ and it’s a phenomenon that has been around since the dawn of creation.

  1. Hogging The Remote

You have a program you really want to watch, but he just won’t give up the remote. Why does he treat it like Gollum treats the ring?

Good news, though! Annoyance in relationships can actually be a good thing, according to psychologists. Small annoyances aren’t so bad, but if your boyfriend is getting really out of hand and making your blood boil, it could be time to kick him to the curb. Does your boyfriend do these things? Leave a comment!