When it comes to competing for the best talent, anything can be used as a bargaining chip. The bar has been set very high as companies are hoping a “dope ass” office equipped with the smartest of home appliances can make employees feel at home, therefore, improving productivity.

These 10 smart appliances can make your office, break rooms or office cafeterias standout.

  1. Popcorn Makers

Break rooms are gathering places for employees to enjoy either a quick breakfast, a delicious snack for lunch and chit-chat with a fellow employee. Having a popcorn maker makes a fantastic snack during work. It’s quick and easy to make, filling and plenty tasty.

  1. Smart Fridges

Having a smart fridge with touchscreens that turn transparent to show you the inside will definitely make your break room cooler and excite some employees. More important if the fridge can record who takes what from it will come very handy.

  1. Smart Toasters

Having a smart toaster in your break room makes all the sense in the world, although not for everybody.

You can now monitor and adjust the settings of your toaster on your smartphone. Better still, you get a notification on your phone when your bread is ready. No more having the smell of burnt bread circulate in the office anymore.

  1. Smart Microwaves

Since we are going all smart, it is convenient to have a smart microwave oven compare to ordinary microwave. A smart microwave comes with all the pecks of a smart device.

Key features that differentiate a smart microwave from your ordinary microwave include Compatibility with voice control systems and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Smart microwaves now come with moisture sensors that monitor your food while cooking which prevents it from drying out or overcooking.

  1. Water Coolers

If you want to go for a smart water cooler, I won’t fault you for that. I honestly believe smart devices are way better than conventional devices. However, a conventional water cooler should do. This makes it easy for your employees to get the water they need to stay fresh and hydrated all day.

  1. Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are arguably the most important home appliance in your office. While your employees can get their preferred coffee drink at the closest Starbucks, having a coffee maker in the break room goes a long way to please them.