The most couples think that the engagement rings is the most important, but in reality, it is the wedding ring that symbolise the milestone. A wedding ring is a symbol of love and devotion. It reminds you of the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Still, a lot of couples choose to use wedding rings but the concept of a wedding ring isn’t for everyone. Specifically, grooms can feel anxious about wearing a wedding ring forever if they are not used to wearing jewellery. It’s common for a husband-to-be to feel anxious when it comes to wearing a ring because a new piece of jewellery usually takes some time to get used to.

1.         Signature Bracelets

For a fahionable husband-to-be who isn’t a big fan of wearing a wedding ring, we suggest considering a chain bracelet or customised bangle. If you want something that will last a lifetime, rows of diamonds on your wrist will certainly remind you of your love. A customised bracelet is perfect for those who would prefer something more sentimental with a special message. It will also show your union forever.

2.         Ring Necklaces

You love the idea of a wedding ring but aren’t comfortable wearing one, consider wearing your ring on a necklace. Some grooms will wear their wedding ring on a chain, as a necklace. A necklace is more comfortable and less prominent, and you’re a lot less likely to lose your ring. The best part is, whatever your budget, theirs is always a necklace that can work for grooms of all styles.

3.         Customised watches

A watch is also a lovely way to remind your partner that you’ll love them for the rest of their lives. We have noticed that couples are choosing for matching watches instead of wedding ring. Not only is this a common and useful, but it also has major heirloom potential—and can be easily customised or engraved. You know what is amazing about this idea?, You may end up spending less on this accessory than on an actual ring.

4.         Ring tattoo

Show your love for eternity by getting a visual representation tattooed on your ring finger. Consider getting your initials, wedding date or a small symbol tattooed where you would normally wear a ring. Couples who decide to choose for this non-traditional option, you’ll be in good company. A Lot of celebrities have it, for example Beyoncé and Jay-Z who both have the Roman numeral “4” on their ring fingers.

5.         Tattoo Bracelet

Combine the idea of a signature bracelet with the permanency of a ring tattoo, and you get the tattoo bracelet. Normally the tattoo looks like a bracelet but don’t let that restrain your creativity. Matching designs or a full-arm tattoo design conveying a special message might just be in the cards.

6.         No Rings

This is daring and unusual. But so is your relationship—perhaps none of you like wearing wedding rings. If you both share a commitment to each other, why wear anything at all?