The fundamental rule for winning in casinos it to manage your bankroll. No, that doesn’t mean the total sum of money available to you in your bank account. Your land-based casino or online live casino bankroll is the limit you set yourself as a maximum spending allowance, what you can afford to lose without missing it.

1. There’s No Such Thing as Fast Profits

If your looking to make a fast buck at the casino then your looking in the wrong place. To be a successful gambler you should take a slow and steady approach, much like the tortoise to the hare.

2. It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better

It’s always important to remember that losing happens. Whether gambling at a physical or online casino, take the losses with the wins and keep your emotions in check. This simple but important tip will keep the playing fun and your wallet in check.

3. Don’t be that Over Excited Player

On the opposite end of the scale, while everyone loves to win its important that you don’t get overexcited. With the dopamine rush that comes with winning it can make managing your bankroll difficult as getting over excited will affect your judgement on the next bet.

4. Set Yourself Win Limits

Winning is good though isn’t it? Yes, however, setting yourself win limits is one of the best strategies for bankroll management. Win limits will help stop you getting carried away only to lose it all later on. Here’s an example: Start with £100, £100 loss limit and £50 win limit. If you lose it all you quit, if you reach £150 you walk away.

5. It’s Not a Race, it’s an Experience

Sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy yourself. One of the best bankroll management techniques you can use to help maintain your positive balance is slow down. Logic dictates that the slower you play, the less you spend on an hourly basis. As the house edge constantly chips away at your funds, the slower you play the less you stand to lose.