Depending on your personality type – your time at the airport can be one of the best parts of your trip – or else it can be cause for anxiety.  The reality is, waiting on your flight to come in can be lots of fun and stress-free if you pick an airport with the right facilities for you to enjoy.  Make sure you do your research before you book your holiday or trip and make it part of the experience. Here, we have listed the top 5 things to look for when choosing an airport.  

An Airport Lounge

An airport lounge is a great way to start your trip off on the right foot.  You can typically book these in advance, so you can relax in the knowledge that your spot will be reserved when you get there.  The benefits of an airport lounge include complimentary refreshments. This is usually a selection of hot and cold snacks, soft drinks – as well as a range of drinks from the bar.  On top of this – you can take advantage of the WiFi that will be included as well as charging points. This is particularly handy if you are on a business trip – or else you just want some time to chill out before getting on the plane.  Download a book or a programme from Netflix and relax.  

Airport Parking

Bristol airport parking is a perfect example of an airport that has excellent parking facilities for their customers.  You can book parking at Bristol airport well in advance and take advantage of a number of options. You can opt for valet parking, multi-storey parking or even off airport parking.  There is something to suit every kind of budget and requirement. The handy website at makes it incredibly easy to arrange.  You can simply select your drop off and pick up times, and you are sorted.  This gives you the peace of mind that your car will be safe and sound while you are on your travels.

Shops to Explore

We all like a bit of shopping, particularly if there is a wait at the airport.  Even if you don’t plan on buying or spending any of your holiday budget before you get there, window shopping never done anyone any harm.  A good airport will have a wide selection of shops for you to choose from catering to all budgets and tastes, and you might even find something touristy if you look hard enough.  When you visit the airport website, you will usually see a full list of shops that are available for you to check out. Don’t forget the Duty-Free either – there are great bargains to be had there that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.  

Nice Restaurants

If there is a flight delay – you don’t want to be stranded somewhere where there is no good food to eat.  There’s also a myth that airport food is served fast so can’t be of a restaurant standard, but that’s not the case.  A perfect example of this is the restaurant launched by none other than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay with Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food.  This was launched in Heathrow Terminal 5 in 2008 and has proven to be incredibly popular.  It has an Asian bar feel to it – and the dishes are prepared in front of the guests in an open kitchen.  There is an innovative menu in place allowing you to enjoy high-quality food and be served in time for your flight with their “Grab and Go” option.  As well as full-scale meals, small plates are also served. Check out the food options, and if you are in a hurry – some airports even takeaway options at selected restaurants that can be booked in advance.

Good Transport Links

Transport links are always a consideration when travelling to and from airports.  There’s nothing worse than it taking forever to get to the airport when you are excited to go on a trip, or it taking forever to get to your desired destination once you land.  Make sure you research the transport links well before booking anything. For London airports – although there are some that are further out, getting to and from central London is never too far away when it comes to most airports.  However, Heathrow is definitely a favourite as it has the Heathrow Express that can get you there in 15-20 minutes depending on the terminal you are arriving or departing from. You can also try Easy Bus Service from London-Heathrow-Airport to London.

If you want to enjoy a stress-free travel experience starting with the airport – then make sure you take a look at these things in advance.  The travelling itself can be just as fun as the entire trip if planned out correctly.