The lingerie industry is one that changes as often as the rest of the fashion world, with trends coming and going as the years go on. Over the last decade or so, women’s underwear has seen a number of changes in styles and design. With that in mind, we take a look at 5 of the most prevalent trends in lingerie over the last decade or so.


Women’s underwear styles have quickly moved to putting comfort above anything else; after all, there’s nothing worse than having to wear uncomfortable underwear all day! Athleisure became a huge trend over the last few years and expanded to include everything from outerwear to underwear.

Styles like boy shorts and high cut briefs became popular due to their flattering silhouette and easy-to-wear design. Athleisure underwear is still a great choice for  everyday styles that won’t give you any trouble as you go about your business!


In similar fashion, bralettes became a huge trend due to their comfort. While the bralette design itself isn’t new, they were seen everywhere a few years ago, as if they were a newly-discovered style. 

The bralette is soft and unstructured; perfect for those with smaller busts. Bralettes were a much more casual choice than traditional underwired bras, and also came in a longline design for a much more flattering appearance.


In recent years, lacy bodysuits made a huge comeback in the lingerie industry. Initially created for setting a certain mood in the bedroom, bodysuits quickly became a style to be seen. 

With that in mind, bodysuits have been seen worn with jeans and a jacket, as well as underneath clothing as its original purpose. You will still see bodysuits everywhere today, both in the underwear sense and as a top to be worn and seen.


The underwear industry has had a love-hate relationship with shapewear over the years. After all, you look great the way you are, so why do you need to wear shapewear? However, we all have those lumps and bumps that we might want to smooth out when wearing a form-fitting dress; or perhaps you have a sheer outfit that you want to protect your modesty in.

Whatever your reason for wearing shapewear, it’s made a big comeback in recent years, advocated by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. It’s the secret behind many red carpet looks and can give you that extra confidence boost when it’s needed!


Of course, the biggest (and best) underwear trend of the last 10 years or so is inclusivity. Size, shape and colour have all come under fire for not being inclusive enough, and the industry has retaliated in the best way. 

There are now countless shades of ‘nude’ to suit every skin tone, as well as plus sizes and more accommodating styles for those of different shapes. Brands are finally understanding just how diverse women’s figures can be, and are creating styles that can be worn by all.