The day you’ve been dreaming about for months now has finally arrived: the first day of your destination-honeymoon. You’ve chosen the location and the luxurious hotel you’ll be staying at. Now what? Well, you’re in luck. While Orlando is known for many things – theme-parks and a vibrant nightlife to name a few – it’s best-known for being a city of love.

While every couple has a different idea of how they want to spend their honeymoon, there is one thing they can all agree on: a talking mouse is not sexy. With that in mind, here are four perfectly romantic ways to spend a honeymoon without ever stepping foot inside a crowded theme-park.

Take a rejuvenating couple’s spa-day

Nothing says I love you more than the blissful pampering and rejuvenating world-class spa treatments available at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Take time to enjoy each other’s company after the stress of your big day by getting a Couple’s Relaxation Massage at Westgate’s Serenity Spa. For a truly carnal experience you’ll both remember for years to come, try the ‘Couples Day Away’ package. This intimate offering allows each partner to get hands-on-experience massaging each other. While each spouse takes a turn in the Healing Mud Body Cocoon, their partner participates by painting mud on their bodies. While one enjoys a facial, the other can provide a sensual foot massage all leading up to a full-body couple’s massage that is out of this world.

Explore beautiful Lake Eola

Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Lake Eola is home to some of the best live-music and popup art shows in the Sunshine State. A weekly Sunday farmer’s market where locals sell their trinkets and locally-grown vegetables is a true treat. Where’s the romance you ask? Like all things, romance blossoms after dark. Most evenings, with the exception of Sunday Monday and Tuesday, lovebirds can rent swan-shaped paddle boats that glide effortlessly on the surface of Lake Eola. Enjoy a free light and music show each night while holding your partner close. Nothing beats stargazing next to the one you love.

Ignite a spark at the Enzian Theater

Nothing brings couples closer together than holding each other close and enjoying a romantic movie under a canopy of stars. At the Enzian Theater in Orlando couples can truly connect with one another while strolling through beautiful courtyards complete with and a picturesque bubbling fountain and centuries-old oak trees. Every day feels like Valentine’s Day at the Enzian as couples pick the perfect spot in front of the quaint single-screen cinema and cozy up to their loved one. Known for showing black-and-white classic films and independent fan-favorites it’s no wonder Enzian plays to a fully-packed house every evening.

Take to the skies in a hot air balloon

Are you looking to share in one of the most awe-inspiring experiences imaginable with your new spouse? Orlando Sunrise Hot-Air Balloon is one of Orlando’s premiere hot-air balloon ride proprietor and touring companies. If you thought Orlando was beautiful from the ground then imagine it from hundreds of feet in the air. Watch the sun rise over the City Beautiful as you sip champagne and glide over gorgeous lakes and lush forests – it doesn’t get much better.

Whether you choose to spend your honeymoon under the stars or high up in the clouds among them, a honeymoon is meant to be a time to connect with your spouse in ways you never thought possible. Take time to explore each other in new and exciting ways, challenge one another and explore ways to share in the joy of your love.

Katie Parsons writes for Westgate Reservations. She’s a mom of 5 who documents her family travel on her blog Mumbling Mommy.