It is not unusual for the average office worker to be slumped at their desk for more than 9 hours, moving only to make a caffeine-filled drink or visit the vending machine for a sugar-filled snack.

Sit Stand Desks 3

Get moving. We are all aware that being sedentary can lead to an increase in health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and dementia. Being sat in one place all day can also impact on our mental health, which can lead to depression.

In addition to the above conditions, lack of mobility in the office can also cause back pain, creating problems for your spine or compounding existing issues.

Solutions to a more active workplace needn’t be difficult to achieve, why not try these simple suggestions to improve your wellbeing at work;

  • Ban internal emails, instead take the walk over to your colleague’s desk and interact face to face
  • Try holding a meeting standing up, standing has been proven to increase creativity
  • Take a lunchtime stroll
  • Opt for a sit-stand desk and adjust your working position at the touch of a button
  • Stretch!
  • Bring in your own healthy lunch, rather than opting for fast food.
  • Avoid the lift and take the stairs
  • If you must sit down, opt for ergonomic office furniture and have regular breaks form your desk
  • Look into a local bike to work scheme or walk if it is not a long commute to work
  • Finally, instead of sugary treats, load up on healthy snacks such as fruit or homemade oat bars.